Scholarship Assignment Boosts Applications

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By Kayla Howe

Did you know that most scholarships go un-awarded? According to Senior English teacher Allison Movitz, this is true. "If a student sees they have to write an essay for a scholarship, most students won’t take the time to fulfill the requirements," Movitz said. A new assignment for her seniors is designed to change that.

Movitz is requiring students to seek out and apply for a college and/or a scholarship. First, students must be sure they meet the requirements. Then, they need to gather all the parts necessary to complete the application. Movitz gets a copy of what the student is expected to mail by the application deadline. The deadline for this assignment is before the end of this semester.

"Seniors don’t realize that by the time they start to think about applications for college and scholarships in the spring, it’s usually too late," Movitz said. She hopes to hear that the majority of her seniors received scholarships on Award’s Night at the end of the year. Students created a resume to go with this assignment and to help them have the information most applications require at their fingertips.


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